Reimagining the future of work in the new normal

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Changing company culture

Re-designing the workplace at such a scale and detail can hardly exclude a change in company culture. Such change, undoubtedly, needs to be implemented with a top-down approach, where flexibility will be key for employers as well as employees. Creating and promoting a culture of continuous learning, for example, may be a great, forward-looking strategy in these disruptive times.

Work-life balance or life-work balance?

It is time for the larger picture to take centre stage in the corporate world. If nothing else, the time for reflection that the lockdown has afforded organisations and talent alike is the futility of blindly promoting a ‘work-centred’ world where ‘life’ takes a backstage. Such an approach can never succeed, because it is foolish to assume that ‘work’ can subsume ‘life’ when the reality is that ‘work’ will always be a part or our ‘lives’. And a part can never become larger than the whole.

Talent optimisation and retention

In these changing times, organisations will now be increasingly focusing on talent optimisation as well as retention. Employers will have to create brand ambassadors and marketers in the organisation to attract fresh talent as well as retain incumbents. Employee engagement strategies and enhancing the experience of those working in an organisation will be other avenues for employers to retain their top talent and engage with new recruits.

Health and safety

The best foot forward for most companies in this crisis is a ‘safety first’ approach, which prioritises the safety and wellbeing of employees, along with their productivity and efficiency. Supporting the mental, emotional, physical as well as financial well-being of employees will gain the confidence and loyalty of not just the employees but the stakeholders across in a post-pandemic scenario. For their part, incumbent employees as well as fresh talent are also likely to choose health and safety benefits over all other concerns from their organisations.

Sustainable long-term strategies

Strategies that organisations choose to implement today, the paths they choose to walk down, will have a long-term impact on their ‘brand’ image. Images of inclusive work environments, work cultures of innovation and continuous learning, of zero tolerance for non-transparency, etc., have a chance to get created today. After all, how often are people or organisations given a second chance? This is the time to make the most of an opportunity to craft sustainable strategies for tomorrow’s world.


The impact of the ongoing pandemic has impacted all sides of the spectrum and both the employer and the employee are today grappling with unprecedented situations. With WFH becoming the new normal, we foresee the relationship between employer and employee becoming increasingly digitised and flexible.

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