Recasting your workplace for pandemic resilience

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Written by Debi Garrod & Ann Longley, Corporate Psychologist at Something New Together, Strategy, Innovation, Design Sprint Facilitation / Chief Digital Officer

What behaviours will help you flourish?

We also asked our delegates what behaviours and practices will help them flourish. The answers to this question can help inform a vision for the future.

Our delegates identified these flourishing factors:

  • empowered well-trained managers
  • less time working online / fewer meetings
  • being super well-organised
  • trust and care
  • less time travelling and being present in an office
  • less rigid hierarchical working — lots of employee voice
  • working to outcomes
  • mindfulness and self-care
  • agility

Similar activities can also be conducted to hear the voice of your customers. By tapping into the wisdom of your employees, customers and communities, you can create a future workplace experience that meets and exceeds everyone’s needs.

Another question we explored in our workshop was the extent to which delegates felt they had influence in recasting their workplace. This question is important as it helps us assess cognitive dissonance — the gap between how we would like things to be and how they are.

Create an empathetic agile problem-solving culture

One sign of healthy well-being in the workplace is a low level of cognitive dissonance caused by conflicting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Effective leaders provide an environment that minimises cognitive dissonance. They build momentum and gain commitment to change through involvement and inclusion.

Our three-step model cultivates a leadership mindset that actively engages employees and customers to ensure transformation is human-driven with technology playing a vital role, as an enabler.

In closing, although recent events have been extremely challenging and unsettling, they can also be a catalyst for positive social and organisational change. We believe now is the time to create a safe and trusting environment. In the words of Tracy Chapman (1988), ‘if not now, then when?’

Now is the time to pause, reflect and reset. The good news is a resilient culture can be cultivated, and we are here to support you. By embracing change, you can reassess your purpose, priorities and ensure your peoples’ needs are front and centre.

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Originally published at on June 18, 2020.

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