Four Ways AI Will Make a Difference in 2019

Written by Bret Greenstein, Global Vice-President of Cognizant and Head of Digital Business AI Practice

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In 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly become a mainstream presence in our work and personal lives, inspiring our purchase decisions and digging deeper into business outcomes and events. At the same time, expectations surrounding AI will also grow, as calls for transparency and fair play become too loud for businesses to ignore. Here are four ways we see AI making a difference in our lives in the new year:

  1. AI gets warm and fuzzy. Conversational AI is fast becoming a fact of life; already, 20% of U.S. adults have access to smart speakers in their homes. Google Assistant’s new “polite mode” even uses positive reinforcement to encourage the use of “please” and “thank you.” In 2019, we’ll see a breakout year for AI chatbots in customer service. When it comes to online commerce, chatbots and conversational agents have already begun to feel as natural as chatting with a human. Now conversational AI is ready to tackle more complex questions. Earlier this month, Internet giant Alibaba demonstrated an AI tool that handily manages tricky customer exchanges such as interruptions and nonlinear conversations. The tool is already in use at Alibaba’s logistics arm Cainiao to service millions of customer requests daily. The annoying era of “Press 1” for customer service is coming to an end. We won’t miss it.

AI in the Next 12 Months

AI has great potential to transform almost every business and to become widely accepted in our workplaces and homes. This coming year will be a true test not so much for AI but for its leaders and for forward thinkers: The challenge is to make the refinements necessary for build trust in AI so that it can shoulder more valuable business decisions, become part of our families, and evolve into a progressive tool for positive change.

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