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Written by Penny Syddall , Programme Manager for Skills and Adoption, Digital Dorset

We’re organising ten events in five locations across five days, involving almost 50 speakers and 100 participants and streaming them live over You Tube to an audience of hundreds, if not thousands, of people online. Why are we doing this? It’s complex, scary and — most bizarre of all — no-one has asked us to do it. It was our idea and our generous managers believe in us enough to let us run with it. But why?

The simple answer is: because we can. We’re using the…

Written by Justin Hassall, Informed Solutions’ Head of People Services and , David Lawton, Head of InformedACADEMY© and the Academic Alliances Programme

Justin Hassall, Informed Solutions’ Head of People Services and David Lawton, Head of InformedACADEMY© and the Academic Alliances Programme, share their reflections on how the company’s people are coming together to shape a diverse, collaborative, and high performing workplace as we continue to emerge from Covid lockdown restrictions.

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, company Directors are wrestling with how to harness the learnings of the past 18 months and use these to shape sustainable hybrid and flexible working practices…

Written by Ann Williams, Co-Chair, Liverpool 5G

In 2018, I joined a team of innovators whose vision for Liverpool included equal access to free public sector technologies for keeping communities healthy, independent, and socially connected.

The team became Liverpool 5G, after winning funding from D CMS-funded 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme , and built Europe’s largest 5G public sector network in Kensington, Liverpool. The network gives volunteers free access to technologies like a device that monitors health conditions remotely and an AI wound care management app.

Providing these technologies free to people in need was the project’s standout aim. A…

Written by Victoria Ford, Director, Perago

In recent months there’s been a fundamental shift in digital in Wales, particularly in the public sector. Not everyone will have seen it yet, but those involved will be starting to sense a change, a momentum, a gear change in ambition, focus and pace.

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of digital in delivering modern services at pace. This is more than delivering individual services, it is about improving lives for the people of Wales and building the local economy at a time when this is more important than ever.

I’ve worked in digital…

Written by Colin Eberhardt, Technology Director, Scott Logic

Late 2019 I decided to submit a talk to the Open Source Strategy Forum conference, an annual event hosted by FINOS, an organisation that fosters open source collaboration within the financial services industry. While organisations like FINOS, and its parent company Linux Foundation, have helped big banks and corporates better understand and ‘back’ open source projects, I do feel that their focus is skewed towards the bigger more ommercially-oriented projects.

As a result, the ever-growing collection of small, yet critical, open source projects that are the foundation for so much of what…

Written by Rashmi Hangular, Technical Architect, DWP

Rashmi Hangular works as a technical architect in DWP Digital’s Sheffield-based Dynamic Trust Hub. However, like most of my colleagues I’ve been working from home for just over a year now.

One of the key achievements in the Dynamic Trust Hub in the last 12 months was the launch of our Confirm Your Identity service which we accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The service helps Universal Credit claimants prove their identity online, without the need to visit a jobcentre, enabling people to stay safe during these uncertain times.

Seeing the bigger picture

As a technical architect…

Written by Ben Fraser, Interaction Designer, DWP Digital

Ben Fraser, Interaction Designer at DWP Digital gives us an insight into what it’s like working for the largest government department and shares five top tips he’s learned to help you run your own remote design sprint.

I was recently involved in a 12-week Discovery project looking at improving the customer experience for citizens in receipt of multiple benefits. As part of a 9-strong team of both DWP colleagues and external contractors, my role as interaction designer quickly became focused on organising and facilitating a Design Sprint.

A Design Sprint is a…

Written by Dr Julie Christie, Dementia Support UK, HammondCare

What is going to happen?

I work with people who are affected by dementia and as a result have been exploring life with uncertainty for many years. The pandemic, our needs and responses have many correlations with the experience of dementia, uncertainty, and ambiguous loss. Uncertainty is part of life, but it has been brought into sharp focus with the global pandemic. It is both the situation and our response which causes uncertainty on many levels with very real worries about health, welfare, and the future. As we focus on post pandemic recovery and changes to…

Written by Laura West, Digital Communications Officer, Escalla

The shortage of tech skills in the UK isn’t new. In 2019 there were over 600,000 tech job vacancies, and this crisis costs the UK economy £63 billion a year. To compound the issue, women only account for between 17% of tech staff.

But, there is hope, the picture seems to be improving in some sectors. The number of women working in technology has increased over the past year, with more UK tech jobs held by women ( ).

Yet, while some sectors are improving, others are lagging behind. Women are still…

Content isn’t just something you inject into design at a late stage. Here’s how Zaizi’s been working to embed content design in projects from the discovery and alpha phase — and why lorem ipsum is the enemy of good design.

If you’ve worked in any kind of a design environment, you’ll be familiar with lorem ipsum. A screed of nonsense words reputedly based on a 1st century BC Latin text by the Roman philosopher Cicero, it’s been used since the 1960s as a way of filling space in a design.

Think of it this way: your team is creating something…

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