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Informing and inspiring innovative digital transformation

Written by Professor Mark Thompson, Professor in Digital Economy at The University of Exeter Business School

On 15 June, I again had the honour of chairing the Digital Leaders National Digital Conference. Whilst preparing my opening remarks, I was struck by the sweep of change fat digital leaders have discussed at this event over the past decade and a half. …

Written by Lindsay Phillips , Executive Vice President Sage Product Delivery

As we start to emerge, recover, and learn from the pandemic there are some real bright spots where digital transformation has been the saviour for small and medium businesses throughout the UK. Here at Sage, our customers tell us that leveraging digital solutions and transforming parts of their business have become critical elements of emerging stronger. As we return to more normal times, having a digitally enabled business will increase business capability and resilience against future challenges. Since SMEs account for 99% of UK businesses and three fifths of…

Written by Shruti Kohli, Lead data scientist, DWP Digital

In my role as lead data scientist for DWP Digital’s Innovation Lab , I’m always looking for new ways for our department to work. One area in particular that I’ve been looking at recently is synthetic data, and the opportunities it could open up for a government department like ours. With this in mind, we’ve set up the Synthetic data, Applied analytics, Innovation Lab (SAIL) team to explore this area further.

Synthetic data is essentially artificially generated but realistic data. It’s created by funnelling authentic source data through algorithms that are…

Written by Prof. Adam Beaumont, Founder & Chairman, AQL

Despite the incredibly difficult learning conditions for students in the past year, 11 students from the University of Leeds have been awarded a coveted Beaumont Award to acknowledge their outstanding research projects that have the potential to impact society and solve real-world problems. Sponsored by consistent innovator and technologist, Professor Adam Beaumont, the award scheme enables each winning student to take advantage of personal introductions to relevant contacts within industry and opportunities to work with world-class organisations to further progress their research.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has meant students had to overcome…

Written by Alison McKenzie-Folan, CEO, Wigan Council

Over the past 15 months, we have seen a drastic reshaping of the way councils interact digitally with themselves and the communities they serve. Whether accelerating new methods of service delivery, opening up more inclusive ways to communicate with citizens, or presenting new cyber threats that must be addressed, it is now up to us as leaders to guide our organisations through these opportunities and risks as we look ahead from our immediate recovery from Covid-19 to the longer term.

Against this backdrop, Solace is more committed than ever to improving digital leadership…

Written by Alison Palmer, Head Of Marketing, Methods

In a virtual world, how much should we try to replicate face-to-face marketing events?

The global pandemic has spawned a plethora of enhancements to the tools and platforms that help us work remotely .

Teams and Zoom have upped their game s, although there is still a gap between the fun, riotous, but highly hackable video calls of early lockdown, and the sterile ‘all microphones are muted, please put your question in the chat’ calls. …

Written by Zoe Amar FCIM , Founder and Director, Zoe Amar Digital.

Recently I’ve been thinking about when to have that first real life work meeting. When should I do it, what’s the safest way to have it and how am I going to find the time inbetween Zooms?

This is one of the many decisions we will all have to navigate as we transition to hybrid working. A blend of face to face and digital sounds like a very desirable solution as we edge our way out of lockdown, yet it prompts as many questions as it does answers…

Written by Chris Barker, CEO, Spirit Health Group

Digital transformation was at the top of the NHS agenda for this decade — one that has been accelerated by the plethora of digitally enabled ways of working during the pandemic. While the last year has undoubtedly heralded the spring shoots of transformation, there is so much to be done to build upon this and accelerate further. Do stakeholders, for example — both patients and healthcare providers (HCP) — understand the value of digital to drive change at a fundamental level? …

Written by David Lawton, Technical Director, Informed Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing, and popular data-driven technologies being used across the globe.

According to analyst house Gartner, just 10% of companies had used or were about to use AI technology in 2015. Fast forward to 2020 and that number had risen to almost 40%, with over 90% of multinationals questioned planning to invest in AI technologies for efficiency and productivity gains.

Today, all around the globe, organisations of all sizes from governments and large organisations to small online businesses are adopting AI with increasing pace and scale…

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

We opened registration for Digital Leaders Week 14–18 June 2021 this week. With 200+ events and counting, across 15 topics and from the whole UK offering 30,000 free places, we are still continuing to receive more talks and registrations each day. See more here .

I find myself wondering if this virtual version of Digital Leaders Week is the new normal. Will we go back to events as they were before COVID-19, or will virtual online events remain a major part of professional events in the UK and beyond?

This is the second…

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