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Written by Rheanne Bennie, Digital Marketing Officer at DWP Digital

The Virtual Machine Environment Replacement (VME-R) project replaced aging legacy infrastructure necessary to enable future welfare policy changes to be implemented. This complex and intensive programme has seen DWP rebuild technology, some of which was more than 40 years old, which supports its core benefit payment systems, part of the National Critical Infrastructure, onto more modern, secure and performant platforms.

In total 11 critical benefit systems were replaced with zero disruption to DWP’s benefit operations or delays to citizen payments. The largest 4 of these systems were replaced in the…

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on Business Transformation in this morning’s edition of the Times. Today, more than three quarters (77%) of UK CEOs plan to increase their investment in digital transformation over the next year — according to PwC’s 24th Annual Global CEO Survey report.

This digital imperative to evolve has been accelerated by the pandemic as companies implement changes across supply chains and customer or employee engagement channels. …

Written by Roxanne Heaton, Director at Government Digital Service and Digital Leaders Advisory Board Director

The Future CIO is a business strategist, a digital, data and technology visionary, a global thought leader, a chief customer officer and a talent master. The role is to enlighten, to delight, to share and enable through influence. This individual is no longer the human interface to the back office function. Their job is to lead people through change as an enabler for growth.

Core to this is a demand for CIOs to develop leadership capabilities across people, processes and technology — themes that will…

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

The Sunday Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on The Future CIO in this morning’s edition of the Sunday Times.

The Report includes a roundtable with DL partner’s Red Hat as well articles about: how CIOs can continue the transition from cost-cutters to revenue drivers; an interview with the Canon’s CIO; the future relationship between CIOs and HR in the future workplace; and a list of the top 5 priorities for CIOs in 2021

The supplement includes an article by Digital Leaders’ Advisory Board Member, Roxanne…

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO, Digital Leaders

I was lucky enough this week to welcome to the #Digilounge stage, two titans of the Business transformation space, Anthony Impey MBE, CEO of Be the Business and Sherry Coutu CBE, Investor and Philanthropist.

#Digilounge is our virtual space for get togethers, discussion, salons and conferences during this past year. …

Written by Sally Meecham, CEO, Centre for Digital Public Services, Wales

Open communication has been a key principle for us from day one. To really deliver better public services, organisations need to communicate effectively both internally and externally. We’ve used the principle of communicating openly in everything we have done in the Centre so far, but we also want to understand how public sector organisations across Wales are using communications to support delivery of their services, where good practice is happening and what support they may need.

To help start to understand this we’ve kicked off a short piece of…

Written by Colin Cook, Digital Director Scottish Government

Scotland’s updated digital strategy was published last week — not surprisingly I would encourage everyone to read it and get a sense of how we believe that Scotland can thrive in a digital world. .

The strategy is, of course, being published, at an extraordinary time.Our thoughts are rightly with those who have suffered in so many ways and those who have worked so tirelessly to help others.The use of digital technology is only a very small part of the story, but I do believe that it’s worth telling and worth…

Written by Gaby Sebire , Product Owner, Nominet Cyber

I joined Nominet in 2019 as a Business Analyst and have recently become a Product Owner in the Nominet Cyber team, which is a role I love because it has given me the opportunity to learn more and challenge myself — I don’t like to sit still. A lot of my time is spent with developers and engineers discussing complex details that I don’t always understand in any great depth, but I relish that chance to ask questions and build on my insights into the process to enable me to prioritise…

Written by Robin Barber, , Product Owner, Arcus Global

With people imagining what life will be like following the current pandemic, you often see them quoted as expecting working life to ‘go back to normal’. For me, that won’t work. Personally, I would much rather not go back to where we have been, but embrace the changes which we’ve seen in our culture and working practises. We need to look at how we can build on it for the better.

At Arcus Global, we’ve seen a massive change in a short time. Our client base has as well. In times…

Written by Gema Giles, Site Lead at Neueda’s Malaga office.

In June 2020, we spoke to Site Lead at Neueda’s Malaga office, Gema Giles, to find out more about the effects of remote working and what it could mean for global tech hubs. Now, we revisit our conversation to gain further insights into the events of the last 12 months and how it has continued to shape the way they work.

Despite being several months into Covid restrictions, it’s evident how uncertain the global workforce was last summer. …

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