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Written by Riccardo Weber, Manufacturing Innovation Lead, West Midlands 5G

Improving speed and efficiency and generating true productivity has long been the goal for ambitious manufacturers, with digital maturity and advanced connectivity the next frontiers in maintaining competitiveness against other players in the market. The Forth Industrial Revolution, or Industry…

Written by Alan Cook, Principal Consultant, Business Development, Triad Group Plc

Every day we’re experiencing the truly transformative impact smartphones have had over the last decade. For many, the smartphone has already replaced the digital camera and set us free snapping and sharing in quite an incredible way that creates…

Imagine a world where the internet is closed down. A cyber holiday across the globe. An online blackout.

Think of the chaos that would ensue. It would be like Squid Game dominoes crashing down as ordinary life for many would come to a halt.

Banking and eCommerce would stutter to…

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