4 ways to secure a commitment to digital adoption

Written by Victor G. Snyder, Founder and Consultant at BossMakers

1. Give your employees a say

Although you and your executive team are ultimately those who choose which digital tools to introduce to the business, it’s wise to involve your employees in decision-making.

2. Connect training with your existing workflows

One of the most important steps to securing your employees’ commitment to digital adoption is to use the right type of training. Confused and poorly-trained workers are liable to avoid using the tools entirely, in order to avoid the frustration of getting it wrong — which then leads to a parallel drop in productivity and employee satisfaction.

3. Focus on tools that help your staff

For business owners and managers, the primary aim of digital adoption is to improve your revenue and increase your bottom line. This could lead you to digital tools that have the biggest effect on customer experience or sales, but that’s not always the best approach for employee buy-in.

4. Track progress

With consistent, ongoing monitoring, you’ll be able to see if your employees are actually using your new tools, which tools are seeing the highest implementation, and where your workers are encountering obstacles and perhaps abandoning the effort. This way, you can step in quickly if you see that anyone needs extra guidance, and prevent frustration and resentment from building up.

Your digital adoption success depends on your employees

Just like all the rest of your business, your digital adoption journey can only succeed with the support of your employees. If they feel that your digital tools are not relevant to their daily work experience, struggle to see how to implement them in practice, and/or feel that they have been imposed upon them without giving them the chance to make suggestions, they are far less likely to put in the effort to use them.

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